Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Ten Work Pet Peeves

Stacey has been looking for a job so I thought it would be a good idea to do a top ten work Pet Peeves with her today.

So here you go..........

Stacey's are in black
I am in purple

Stacey's top five are:

I could probably list about a million office pet peeves but it's been awhile since I've worked in the 'real world' (I know, being a stay at home mom has some real tough real life moments but on the other hand I can sit around and do things like talk porn over coffee and write about it and no one tells me I can't, so I'm certainly not complaining).  I'll try to narrow it down to a few that I remember being the most traumatic.
I hate things like dress codes and not being able to use the F! word with the complete and total utter abandon that I prefer. Of course, part of this is that my chosen profession is not in construction or another more physically intense field (no, I'm not hating at all, I just notice that these guys kind of get to talk like sailors while getting paid and I am very envious of that! Maybe I need to reconsider my career choice this time around. hm.) 

You should work in technology! I have a really bad potty mouth and because I mostly work with men they don't seem to mind my gutter mouth. It is hard to turn it off sometimes.
Damn, you're right. I need to consider that. As long as they don't look at my whole Technology Ruining Force Field as an issue, I'm sure I'm golden.
Office coffee and coffee breath seriously are gross. When you are at a paying job earning income, is there any reason at all you can't spend a little bit of that on gum or mints???? Or bring a toothbrush if you're on a budget! And, is it just me, or are the coffee breath worst offenders always the Close Talkers? Ew! I mean, I might forgive the office Cabana Boy (or at least buy the mints for him).

Hahaha I so totally agree. I am not allowed to have coffee.....because I have panic attacks that are brought on by caffeine and stress . So the whole coffee breath thing is annoying because it stinks and because I am jealous.
omg. caffeine brings on panic attacks.... oh, no. That's all I can say. Don't tell my Dr. this, that's all I can say.
I hate staff meetings where encouragement means being told that working overtime for free is its own reward because there are always younger, cheaper potential employees gunning for my job that could replace me if I feel like complaining about it. Hooray!  That really makes me happy and excited to start my day!
    Ahhhh so true and this is only made worse by the fact that we are in a recession so therefore we should all   just be happy we have a job. 
 I know, but I guess I left the workforce before this was an issue. Even worse now. Ugh.
I hate being told that my pay will be docked if I leave even five minutes early, being watched extra closely on Fridays (yes, those security cams come in handy, thank you, The Man/Big Brother). Of course, if I need to reach someone in HR, during their regularly posted hours, I only get the voicemail stating I need to call back within their regularly posted hours. I have wondered, once or twice, does anyone work in HR at all really, or is the hiring and firing all done by human impersonating robots?

I have never had this problem mostly because I work extra hours all the time and because I control the security cameras over my network so if something gets deleted......... 
I knew there was a reason we became friends....
It also drives me nuts that the copy machine never seems to work when you desperately need copies right away but it always seems to work when some idiot decides to copy their @ss and/or some other body part that they shouldn't and then accidentally(?) sends it to the whole office and so then we can all see the re:all firing. This bothers me because the kind of idiot who would do this type of thing, while usually a little bit of an idiot, is also usually funny kind of idiot which is way more fun to have around than the backstabbing-ladder-climbing jerk or stalker idiot. Since all technology falls under my domain I ensure the copy machines are at tip top function with or without the ass prints.
I think in general I just don't do well with 'the rules,' but maybe that's just me. 
Nope its not just you!
Crap. Thought so.
My top five are:

I too could right a novel filled with my many office Pet Peeves and considering in my youth I swore I would never work in an office environment the annoyances are amplified times 10!

People who see you working on something and feel the need to say "Do you know what you are doing?"
No douchebag I don't know what I am doing but thanks for being the thousandth person who has moron. Get some original material and come back later.
Haha.... I would never question what you are doing, what idiots! Chicks who are awesome in traditionally male dominated fields kick @ss and SHOULD NEVER BE QUESTIONED.
People who can't clean up after themselves
Your mother does not work here. Get a rag and clean up the coffee/tea/milk/soda you spilled all over the counter. While you are at it put the trash into the can not on top of the can or around the perimeter of the can.
So true. Sometimes I feel more sensative about this because I am a mother. Idiots. Ugh.
People with messy work spaces
If you ate lunch at your desk cause you were busy.....good for you hero now throw your damn trash away cause you are smelling up the place. You over there laughing stop laughing.......your phone has eight pounds of makeup/sweat/god only knows what all over the handset. Get a rag and some cleaner and clean it off your going to start a zombie apocalypse with the germs on there.
With ya on that, too. Kinda feels the same as the mothering thing. If I wanted extra kids I would put a big fat f-ing sign that said, 'come on, buddy, I don't have enough to do as it is. I need TEN full time jobs."
People who announce they are going to the rest room
No one CARES! Just go........ Jackass
In general it annoys the crap out of me when adults act like children (see the last few). Right. You're grown. This isn't a game of mother may I. Just go already. You do not need my permission or approval.
People who are not my supervisor who think they are
If I ever had to actually report to you I would quit. Stop giving me instructions because I am never going to follow them. You have absolutely no idea what I do nor would your little brain be able to comprehend my awesome ability. Please go back to your cube and pick your nose like you were ten minutes ago because thats about all you can handle.
 Oh, good lord.... when will that ever end??? I have never understood what gives one human being the right to think they can tell another what to do. Thus, my favorite expression, you're not the boss of me! And, yes, that type is usually the smallest minded.
Do you think I'm winning over lots of potential employers????

So those are our pet peeves. Do you have any to add?


Anonymous said...

All good. made me laugh out loud. Looks like you have some fun together Ladies!
Another thing I can't stand is when your boss call you into his office and write an e-mail you are copied in, while reading each word to you, for more than 30 minutes and the only answer you can give is Yes every 2 seconds.
Have a great week-end!

Andrew Leon said...

People who ask you if you know what you're doing probably ask that because they have no idea what you're doing. Since they don't know, they probably think no one can know. It's hard for people to understand that people can know about different things. The problem is that people are, basically, stupid but each individual is in denial of that fact.

And I hate that people don't their trash into the garbage can! It's not handgrenades. Somewhere in the vicinity of the can does NOT count.

Unknown said...

So true, you all....
MarieHarmony, you reminded me of one I meant to put but forgot....

I F-ING HATE IT when people make a powerpoint presentation and read it to you word for word and then also sometimes print it so that you can take ...
... additional notes???????....

once is enough

happy weekend, Jennifer and readers!

Samantha Sotto said...

You guys are a riot!!!! LOL :D

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